Our Panels

Responsive and reliable, a source you can trust.

Real Opinions Matter

Upon joining, our members agree to provide accurate and honest responses to surveys they are invited to.

Our main recruitment source is Australia and New Zealand’s premier event ticketing business, Ticketek; with a database of 11.7m unique live entertainment fans, and selling 23 million tickets to over 20,000 events every year.


Business Decision Makers

Reach professionals, from small business owners to executives, across a variety of industries.

Profiled and validated against proprietary commercial data sources, we provide added guidance on screening and programming to ensure quality data.

How do we maintain and manage a quality source?

Ovation Research provides you with access to profiled and targetable consumers.

  • 200 profile variables collected
  • frequent profiling through the year

Members have the ability to complete and update their profile through their ‘member account’ on the Purkle panel website. Our members are profiled through a variety of topics:

  • B2B including decision makers and company size
  • education and profession
  • money and finance
  • transport and automotive
  • technology and communication
  • home and family
  • shopping behaviour
  • travel
  • alcohol and other beverages
  • media and entertainment and health and well-being.

Our members are encouraged to keep their profile regularly updated in order to receive regular and relevant surveys.

To learn more about our Panel Profiling or how you can access our Panel Profile Brochure contact us today!

Large Active Panels

  • Australia (est. 2007) – Over 1 million members
  • New Zealand (est. 2011) – Over 100,000 members

Purkle panel members are recruited across mutiple channels:

  • Ticketek
  • Channel 9
  • Advertisements within publications managed by the Bauer Media Group.

Recruitment occurs through digital banners ads, TV commercials, offline through flyer hand-outs and print advertisements. Our unique multi-channel recruitment method ensures a diverse coverage of all demographic groups and interests ensuring limited cross-over with other panels. Purkle members are engaged, active and real consumers across Australia and New Zealand.

Upon joining, members agree to provide accurate and honest responses to surveys they are invited to. Failure to do so will result in termination of membership. Once fieldwork of a survey has been completed, survey data is checked and cleaned.

To get the best out of the respondent your survey should be designed with them in mind. Some key things to look at to help ensure the ideal respondent behaviour is achieved (i.e. considered, focused and honest responses).


  • optimising how a question is worded
  • the length of the survey
  • how you structure your questions
  • optimising your survey ‘layout’
  • removing repetitive questions

Surveys that:

  • encourage members to be autonomous in their responses
  • have relatable and coherent questions
  • are engaging

…will minimise poor responses and satisficing behaviour, promoting high quality data.