As the worldwide COVID-19 infection rate approaches the 10 million mark and over 400,000 deaths, Australia continues to successfully suppress the spread of COVID-19.

This ongoing research study will continue on a monthly basis to measure consumer sentiment, opinions about COVID-19, changes in behaviours, the financial impact, and peoples’ outlook for the future.

It remains to be seen how trends in personal financial circumstances or economic conditions and overall consumer confidence will be affected in the coming months. The issues addressed in the research study include:

• Consumer sentiment
• Opinions about COVID-19 itself
• Concern about, and likelihood of, infection
• Opinions on response strategies of government, business and communities
• Financial impact of COVID-10
• The impact of COVID-19 on Australians’ plans to attend events, and expectations of when they intend to re-engage in live events
• The greatest challenges facing Australia
• Future outlook about when the situation will improve

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Report – 15 Jun 2020

Report – 30 Jun 2020

Report – 14 Aug 2020

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